Tinting: what are the advantages and is it worth doing?

Tinting film is considered an auxiliary safety measure. In unpredictable circumstances, the windows of your car may become damaged. Shattered glass and flying splinters are the main danger in such cases. By reinforcing the glass, the film forms an additional barrier between the glass and the driver

and passengers, holding the pieces in place if they break. Also, toning prevents unauthorized viewers from seeing the people in the car and things in the cabin. A purse and cell phone forgotten in the car will not become visible. More: http://scrapcar.cash/.

Benefits of Tinting

Tinting foil prevents strong light from getting into the interior of your car. Bright light not only irritates, it may be unsafe and exhausting for your eyesight, making you feel uncomfortable and reducing the driver’s attention.

Tinting prevents unnecessary heat from getting into the interior of the car, helping to reduce fuel consumption needed for air conditioning. In cooler times, the film prevents heat loss.

Tinting effectively saves cabin from the influence of UV rays, detrimental to many plastics, and the change in the spectrum of visible light leads to a significant reduction of burning of the textile components of the interior.

Darkening (toning) of car windows, as a rule, is carried out by gluing coating. Such work requires excellent skills, requires a special tool. That is why it is better to entrust the work to wizards.

Not all foreign films are of the same quality. The film made by e.g. JOHNSON windows films, Courtaulds Performance Films, MS Solar Gard, 3M has at least 3 to 5 layers, including the protective layer. Affordable poor quality films include only two layers. The strength of this type of film is too low, it is clouding and distorts color rendering. This type of film has a short lifespan.

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