The three most reliable automatic transmissions

Every year, automatic transmissions are becoming more and more popular among car owners, who have appreciated their versatility and significant simplification of driving. However, such transmissions have one significant drawback, namely, their mediocre reliability. If a mechanic can serve 300-500 thousand kilometers without overhaul, then it is not uncommon for automatic machines to need a major restoration already on a run of 100 thousand kilometers. Let’s talk in more detail about the most reliable automatic transmissions and scrap car removal etobicoke.

BMW five-step
Back in the last century, at the beginning of the nineties, a five-speed gearbox from the German manufacturer ZF began to be used on BMW cars. Such a box was originally intended for the top executive sedans of the 7 series, and later began to be installed on other cars of this German brand and on British premium cars Bentley and Aston Martin. This transmission had a reinforced metal, it easily withstood significant loads during operation, and its resource reached 500-600 thousand kilometers without overhaul.

This five-step ZF5HP was a real revolution in the automatic transmission market, it was distinguished by reliability, dispelling the myth of unreliable automatic machines that rarely withstand more than 100,000 runs. At the same time, it was possible to ensure the absence of critical malfunctions only if the car owner performed the necessary service work in a timely manner and did not save on scheduled repairs. Therefore, it was imperative to visit the service every 100-150 thousand kilometers every 100-150 thousand kilometers, changing all worn-out consumables in this machine.

Japanese four-step from Aisin
One of the most reliable transmissions is the 4-speed U340E modification from the Japanese manufacturer Aisin. Initially, this transmission was intended for Toyota cars, and later it was successfully used on other Japanese and European cars. Such a gearbox is distinguished by its durability, it has a simple and reliable design, and all that the car owner had to do was to perform oil service in a timely manner by changing the transmission fluid.

This transmission, due to its simple design, could easily be restored even on huge runs, after which the box ran another 200-300 thousand kilometers without causing any special trouble to the car owner. In fact, the lifespan of this transmission did not differ from the service life of the vehicle itself and its engine.

Five-speed gearbox A750F
Another long-lived Japanese automatic is the five-speed gearbox of the A750F modification. This transmission was made on the basis of the legendary four-stage U340 family; such a box had a resource of about 700 thousand kilometers. This transmission was used on Lexus and Toyota cars, in particular, it was installed on the LandCruiser jeep, which is rightfully considered one of the most reliable cars in the world. Thanks to automatic control and the presence of 5 stages, it was possible to better realize power, while providing the necessary fuel efficiency.

All that the car owner had to do was to regularly carry out service work on the runs indicated by the manufacturer. It was necessary to change the oil, clean the heat exchanger or, if necessary, open the box and replace consumables. Only in this case it was possible to ensure the absence of valve body malfunctions, iron wear and breakdowns of the oil pump.

Let’s sum up
Automatic transmissions are popular in the market today due to their versatility and ease of driving. However, due to the complexity of the design, such boxes are not always reliable and durable. If we talk about the three most reliable automatic transmissions, then they usually mention the five-step from the ZF5HP, as well as two Japanese transmissions 4-speed U340 and A750F. Such automatic transmissions are guaranteed to serve for many years without causing any particular trouble to the car owner.

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