How to save fuel in winter?

In winter, car owners face the following problems beyond most expensive car repairs:

Frequent refueling;
Difficult cold starting of the engine;
freezing of do

or handles, locks, wipers, etc.
But car owners are more worried about increased spending on fuel. It is difficult to struggle against it, but it is possible – it is necessary to get in “traffic jams” as less often as possible. But to do this, you will have to leave home with the first cockerels, and leave work after the improvement of the working environment, when colleagues are already resting at home.

The rhythm of life does not allow to lead such a life, because in addition to sleep and work a person has a lot of other things to do. And about rest can not be forgotten. That is why it is better to use tricks to save fuel than to spend days and nights at work for the sake of it.

Move in a traffic jam with an even speed, not accelerating, to sharply approach the car, which went forward. Also slow down slowly. You will not overtake anybody, but the gasoline will not fly into the “air”.
Try not to accelerate sharply when leaving the light. A strong acceleration leads to the fact that the lion’s share of the fuel is not spent.
Do not carry unnecessary things and other stuff. The lighter the car, the less air resistance it feels, the less fuel it needs to accelerate and drive. The same applies to the width of the wheels. The wider the tire, the more drag it feels when you drive, so choose standard size tires.
Up to 25% of fuel is not used for the case if the ignition system malfunctions. If the ignition doesn’t work right the first time, don’t delay in calling for service, because every idle attempt to start the car costs money.
Use good quality fuel. The higher it is, the lower the consumption.
Use only necessary electronics in the cabin. The operation of the heater and other accessories affects fuel consumption. It’s better to wait for the cabin to warm up in medium mode than to warm the car at its highest setting and waste fuel.

In addition to these “tricks” it is worth knowing about improving the car so that the fuel consumption is reduced automatically.

Manufacturers of electric starting preheaters (EPA) provide means to reduce gasoline consumption when warming up the car.
You can put the fuel combustion activator for the internal combustion engine. As a result, with the free energy of the car generates electricity. Under ideal conditions, developers guarantee savings at idle speed of up to 60%.
A good option is replacing the fuel system with gas or diesel fuel. The procedure is expensive, but over time it more than pays for itself.
And the most important point – do not be lazy to check the condition of your car regularly. Breakdowns lead to increased gasoline consumption, and with time lead to serious defects, the removal of which requires expensive repairs. In addition, regular prevention of breakdowns increases the safety of the driver and passengers.

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