Body repair with your own hands

As you know, a personal car requires regular maintenance and repair. In this article we will consider what is a car body repair, in which cases it can be done independently, and when it is better to turn to the service station. 

A personal vehicle is a mechanism that always requires attention, and sometimes some repairs, including the body. The car body performs an important role, its timely repair will increase the life of the vehicle. The repair process is quite time-consuming, requiring certain skills. In this article, let’s consider in detail, in which cases it is possible to perform body repair with their own hands and what is needed for this. Unfortunately, sometimes it makes no sense to repair the body and it is easier to recycle the car. But it’s not as bad as it seems at first glance, because some companies pay well: https://towingandscrapcarremoval.ca/scrap-car-removal-richmond-hill.

Types of body repair

The body of the car is a shell, which is responsible for safe, comfortable movement on the road. The body is the first to assume the load, withstands adverse environmental factors and is exposed to deformation. As a result the necessity of regular examination of a bodywork for damage and timely elimination of breakages becomes the result.

The elimination of car body defects can be local or complete. It depends directly on the defects, the degree of their severity. In general, repairs are classified according to the following defects:

Lack of integrity of the paint coating. The consequences are the manifestation of corrosion on metal parts, deterioration of the appearance of the vehicle.

The presence of dents, cracks, scratches. The urgency of such defects depends on their severity. Cracked mainly plastic elements (bumpers, trims). Breakage of the element may be the consequence, i.e. the bumper may simply fall apart while moving.

Geometry damage. If the shape is severely damaged the vehicle cannot be repaired and is discarded for parts.

When starting body repair, assess the imperfections and their degree of severity.

It is better to paint the car with a paint sprayer, it gives better results.

In what case you may perform auto body repair by yourself

In the presence of severe damage due to an accident, or with severe corrosion and violation of the tightness of the body, it is advisable to give the car to professionals in the car service, as in these cases require a major repair. Local correction (restoration of a part of the body) can be carried out independently. Remember the rule – if more than 70% of the body surface needs to be repaired, it is easier to dispose of the old car.

Local fixing is aimed at fixing the following defects:

Small dents.

Chips, scratches

Small pockets of corrosion.

The body of the car is designed in such a way that there are more convex elements. Dents and dents occur upon impact. Around these areas are clearly visible “belts” that do not allow you to straighten the metal outside of them.

Procedure for body repair

Remember, before you start repairing, it is necessary to remove a layer of paint and primer from the place of damage, and it is obligatory to remove rust. It is better to do it with a scraper.

Levelling the body surface (straightening) is a hard and responsible process if the damages are big. A special reverse hammer for body repair is used for this purpose. The reverse hammer makes it easy to work with wheel arches, uprights, and sills.

There are different types of reverse hammer:

Hammers with weights.

Hammers with a pneumatic mechanism. Used for serious damage.

Vacuum hammers. Suitable for spot straightening.

Spotter. A welding machine that welds an additional element like a rod, hook. Reverse hammer engages the element and aligns the damaged area.

When fixing a minor scratch, it is enough to use a protective polish, rubbing with a rag. For deep scratches, use an abrasive polish, a machining paste. This can be applied with a polishing machine.

For more severe defects, grind away the defective area, degrease with solvent and prime with a spatula. After the area is completely dry, sand it.

Disturbance of the body geometry requires professional equipment. It is better to entrust such repairs to specialized service centers. Improper geometry causes serious problems that include poor vehicle handling, abnormally high fuel consumption.

Body geometry restoration is done using a stapel. This is a straightening bench that returns the normal parameters of the car body. There are several types of staple:



Framed .

The building berth is quite bulky, expensive equipment, so most often it is available only in the service station.

Body repair with the help of a slipway includes the following steps:

The car is placed on the stand, fixed with the help of straightening clamps

The parameters of metal drawing are calculated with a computer

The pulling equipment is attached.

The metal is pulled out in the damaged places.

The repairing of damages by means of the slipway is done with the help of a computer, which allows making changes in the process, based on the information received.

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