8 dangerous car smells

A car is a reflection of its owner, every detail and detail conveys his character, habits and manners. Even the smell in a car associates this model exactly with its driver. Thus, a car may smell of expensive cologne, cigarettes, leather interior… And it can smell like rust. In this case you should use the service scrap cars in toronto.

But there are also cas

es, when there is an admixture of technical smells, which testify not about its owner, but rather about some technical malfunctions. Here is a list of smells, which should alert you:

1) If the interior of your car smells rotten and you have a constant fart in your throat, then your air conditioning system needs to be cleaned urgently. You can either go to a professional service or just buy a self-cleaner. So you can easily get rid of pathogenic germs, so nestled in your air conditioner.
2) If you’re experiencing a foul odor coming from your car’s wheels, you’re probably experiencing a sticking brake cylinder. To check if this is the case, after you get a distinctive smell, get out of the car and check the temperature of the discs: if they are hot, that’s where the problem is.
3) If you constantly smell hydrogen sulfide, then you should pay attention to the catalytic converters, perhaps incomplete combustion of fuel, or fuel is simply of poor quality. Refuel in a place where you are sure of high quality. If the smell still does not disappear, then ask for help from specialists. By the way, if it is the catalyst, don’t throw it away after replacing it: there is a service Catalyst PPR, where you can sell the part at a profit.
4) If you smell burnt rubber in the cabin, it is necessary to stop the car immediately and change the wheel. T

he fact is that you may not have noticed how it was punctured, especially it often happens in the winter time in the absence of sensors and the presence of an even snow cover.
5) If the smell of antifreeze appeared in the interior, you should immediately contact a specialized salon. The fact is that this smell can be a signal of a torn cooling hose or other damage in the cooling system. Usually, this “symptom” is also accompanied by engine heating.
6) If there is a smell of gasoline in the passenger compartment, and the smell is not coming from your hands, and the filler neck is closed, it is time to look for a leak. And it is desirable not by yourself, but with the help of professionals. Self-dependence in such a case is fraught with

the most dire consequences. And do not dare to start the engine and especially to smoke!
7) If you suddenly felt a steady smell of burnt wiring, stop the car immediately, turn off the engine and look for the source. You shouldn’t joke with such things.
8) If you smell a steady odor of pyrotechnics, it means only one thing – the pyrotechnic belt pretensioners went off and the airbag shot. No more comments are needed.

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